Webmail language change

To change the language of your webmail account please open the website




Enter your login data as shown above. In the field “Benutzername” enter your username and add “@umwelt-campus.de”. In the field “password” please enter your password.

Press enter or click on “Anmelden”.

Your webmail profile/E-Mail account will open up. On the right hand on the top you will see a cogwheel, the symbol for settings.

Click on it. A submenu will open up. Click on “Optionen”.

The page with your profile settings will open up. On the menu on the right hand side please click on “Einstellungen”.

On the list it shows above several setting options, click on the point “Regional”. Under “Sprache” you are now able to choose the required language out of a list. Click on the language you´d like to set up. Checkmark the box below where it says “Standardordner umbennen, damit [….]” to make sure also your files within your E-Mail account will be renamed.

Hit “Speichern” to save changes.

The language now has been successfully changed. There is no logout necessary.

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