Print- and Copy-System

For printing and copying at the Environmental Campus you need a copy card. However, there is one coin-operated printer on the first floor of building 9915.

If you do not own a copy card yet, you can acquire one at the copy card vendor (€ 1 deposit). There you can also reload your copy card anytime. The copy card vendor is located right hand side of the library entrance (Zentraler Neubau, upper floor).

Please treat your copy card with care, since a slightly damaged card can cause problems at printers and copiers. If you want to return your card (and collect the deposit), you can do so at the computing centre.

For further instructions on how to use the printers, copiers and scanners follow  Opens internal link in current windowCopyOpens internal link in current windowPrintOpens internal link in current windowScan and Opens internal link in current windowPrint via WLAN. All the devices' locations are listed here, too.

If the instructions do not provide the desired information please visit our Opens internal link in current windowFAQ !


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