Installation and configuration of Sophos Endpoint Security

These guidelines describe the installation process as well as the process of changing update paths of Sophos Endpoint Security and Sophos Anti-Virus.

Should your computer be connected with the domain “Umwelt-Campus”, a manual installation is not necessary. Every computer should be updated automatically.

Through the following links you will be able to download the files necessary for the installation suiting the different operating systems (MacOS X, Windows). Please keep in mind that you will have to maintain a valid user identification.

Furthermore, it is important to keep in mind, that upon termination of your assignment at the university, the software must be uninstalled. However, a free version of Sophos is available through the Sophos website for private use.

Windows: Opens external link in new window

MacOS X: Opens external link in new window

If you are using Microsoft Windows as your operating system, please start the setup by double clicking on the downloaded file. The setup data will automatically uninstall your current virus scanner and install Sophos Endpoint Security. Depending on your computer system, this process might take a while to give you any type of notice. Please be patient. After a successful installation a notification window will pop up. Additionally, you will be able to see a shield symbol showing an “S” in your system ray in the right bottom corner, next to the watch symbol. Further steps are not necessary, the installation is complete.

If you are using MacOS X as your operating system, please start the setup by double clicking on the downloaded file. Please follow the instructions below to complete the installation process.


Start the installation by double clicking on the previously downloaded file. No settings can be changed in the window popping up showing the installation dialog. Please follow the instructions given in the installation dialog until the end and complete the installation process by clicking “Finish”.

Now start the program “Sophos Anti-Virus” and navigate to settings.


Navigate to “AutoUpdate” and unlock the lock symbol in the bottom left corner. Afterwards please add the update paths corresponding to the screenshot below and leave the fields for username and password empty.

Primary location:
Secondary location:


You can lock the settings again by clicking the lock symbol. The automatic update should be working now and the configuration is finished.


Should any problems occur while installing Sophos Endpoint Security don´t hesitate to stop by at our ServicePoint (building 9917 / room 112) or send a mail to  Opens window for sending!


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