Why is Health Insurance so Important?

In Germany, people are obliged to have a health insurance. In this account, you need to prove that you have a health insurance to be able to enroll at a university.

Depending on where you come from your health insurance might be accepted in Germany if there is a social security treaty between Germany and your home country. Please make sure that your health insurance status will be accepted in Germany (call your health insurance company). Is this the case, the German public health insurance company will confirm the insurance from your home country and this confirmation is needed to enroll at a university. If this is not the case, you have to choose a German health insurance company. You can choose between a public health insurance and a private health insurance (if you are under 30 and did not pass the 14th semester), it needs to be said that a public health insurance is way cheaper.

Popular public health insurance companies are for example: DAK, Barmer GEK, AOK, IKK or TK.

If you passed the age of 30 or are in a higher semester than the 14th you cannot decide whether to take a public health insurance or a private one. Now you have to take out a private health insurance to be able to enroll at the university. Tip: You can also call public health insurance companies to ask whether a voluntary health insurance might be possible.